Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz

Today I was having a little difficulty with the tiny aliens who live in my tummy. They were fighting in a manner that was causing me some discomfort. They are pretty mean little dudes and regardless of my diet seem to find the need to do battle with my digestive system on a regular basis. So when the old lady who lives with me (otherwise known as the wife) suggested that she had to go to the store and could pick up something for me. I thought Alka Seltzer would be a good solution to this particular problem.

So when she returned from the store and as I was opening the box I commented (revealing my age to anyone reading this) that I remembered when Alka Seltzer was sold in glass tubes. She asked if I was going take one or two tablets. I explained that only she would take one tablet. That the advertisement was not plop fizz but plop plop fizz fizz for a reason. That was the recommended dose.

Lucky for me she understood this and did not further this conversation.

Score one for me.

May never happen again.

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