Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Voting should be a simple process. 

I am lucky that I live in a small town in California where the process only involved picking up a postcard from the mailbox instructing me to go to a voting place on the same road I live on. I showed the card to the very helpful folks at this location and was politely given instructions on how to record my vote. 

Being in a small town, people where strolling in and out every few minutes but there was no line and the wonderful folks working there were able to easily assist with any questions. 

I have seen and experienced the horrible conditions and confusion many people dealt with just to vote in many parts of this country. The long lines, countless questions and general disregard from those entrusted to assist them. 

I feel thankful for these people, I greatly appreciate the effort and time they commit to offer their voice to important decisions, may they be local, state or national elections. 

These kind folks are the bulk of our voters, not like myself where the local voting place serves a few hundred voters but those who live in places where thousands or more must stand for hours in line hoping to cast their vote before the polling place closes. These are the people we need to vote and it should not be so difficult or time consuming. Someone please fix this. It should be first on the to do list of our next President, every Senator and Congressman. 

I hope you agree with my thoughts, but this is just my opinion. Express yours as is your right and express them to those who can change things for the better. Choose your elected representatives wisely. Insist they represent you properly. 

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