Friday, January 11, 2002

Traveling To Florida, Part 2

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The drive from Nebraska to Florida actually quite nice, but since I tend to ramble on lets jump to the end.

About the time we were coming to the Florida state line, my Dad called to ask where we were. It turned out that my sister Leigh Ann and her son were only a few miles ahead of us and Dad thought I should call them and get them to stop long enough for us to catch them. He suggested that they could follow me the rest of the way. Fine with me, since I had good reason to take the lead, which I will get to in a moment.

A few cell phone calls and a stop at the wrong location later, we managed to meet up and continue our journey with me leading the way. We still had about 250 miles to go and I was well past ready to be there already, so non-stop was my plan and I was sticking to it. With less than 15 miles to go my wife informed me that she had needed to use a rest room for some time and was I going to stop soon or not! I was so close to our destination that no, I had not planned to stop. As I tried to make my case the cell phone rang. It was my sister wanting to know if we were going to stop soon, she wanted to stop for a bathroom break. I was outnumbered and overruled so asking why nobody said anything sooner was not going help, but I did it anyway. Potty break for everybody!

OK, now as to why I wanted to be in the lead car heading to the folks house. My mom had told us that sleeping quarters were first to come first serve. The unlucky contestant in this game of Home for the Holiday's would be sleeping on an inflatable mattress in the den. Having only a vague description of this "inflatable mattress", I pictured spending several days of trying to sleep on something that might also serve as a swimming pool floatation device. I wanted a real bed and was determined to arrive first. As it turned out, the "inflatable mattress" was much nicer than expected. Even if it may or may not have been purchased from a television infomercial. The big surprise came when my generously accommodating parents offered to give up their room and sleep in the den on the air mattress. Darn, I was so looking forward to making fun of the loser in this race and my folks go and do something nice.

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