Saturday, September 08, 2001

Beloved TiVo

I've had kind of an odd day. Thunderstorms and lighting caused the power at my house to be out for a hour or so today.

The good news is that it was still daylight and I did not need to wander around in the dark. The bad news is that the several quick bursts of power on and then power off as the electric company attempted to fix the problem killed my beloved TiVo video recorder. If you are not familiar with a TiVo, it is a DVR device that records television programs to a hard disk, and those of us who use such toys become very spoiled by the features and use of said toy. Needless to say I was distraught by this loss and after a very long phone call to customer support, who tried every trick they could come up with to bring my toy back to life, the verdict was that a power surge had ended it's life too soon. 

Well at least the computers in the house survived and I will be shopping for a better surge protector and back-up power supply for the other toys I can't live without tomorrow. While I was on the phone with customer support I noticed a cricket crawling across the floor. Lately we have had a couple a day of these little creatures enter the house and roam about until I caught and removed them. You would think that Ted the mighty hunter would attack and dispose of such intruders, but he just looks the other way and offers no help. I find this odd since I watched him chase and catch a fly in mid air only this morning. That was a sight to see, the Mighty Ted running from room to room in pursuit of a fly! I was amazed when he caught, chomped and then dropped to the floor his prey. He left the disposal of his catch to me of course.

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