Monday, September 17, 2001

Butterfly Rest Stop

We have all heard plenty of bad news & seen countless horrible images in the past few days. I would guess that like myself you could use a little happy news, so today I would like to share with you a happy little event that happened in my very own yard. 

Sunday afternoon I walked out of my back door to the sight of hundreds of monarch butterflies fluttering about and covering the trees in my backyard. It was a truly wonderful sight to see. These beautiful creatures had apparently selected my yard as a rest stop on their southern migration.

To me, there is nothing more delicate or graceful than a butterfly, kind of like flying flower petals. Groups of them covered sections of trees in clumps like orange leaves on a branch. The rest fluttered about from plant to plant around the yard. My visitors only stayed a couple of hours before moving on but I certainly enjoyed the visit. I am hoping this means that my house has been added to the butterfly travel guide and that I can expect more visits in the future.

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