Monday, June 11, 2001

A Night at the Movies

Not having anything better to do for the evening, the wife and I decided to go see a movie. 

No, that's not completely true. A few weeks ago I had told the wife that I would take her to the movies more often than the twice a year I have done in the past. My wife claims that I had offered to take her to the movies every weekend and I fear that she may have been actually listening to me in one of my more generous moods.

Whatever the details of my offer might have been it has been a few weeks since I took her to the movies and she requested that we go. So I checked the listings for the local theaters and we did not have enough time to make it to the next show but there was a later showing available. 

I like to go to the later shows as there are usually fewer people in the theater and I have better chance of getting a good seat. As it turns out, getting a good seat was not a problem. After we purchased out tickets and the required refreshments we found the correct room at our local multiplex, strolled down the aisle and realized that the entire place was empty. We had the whole place to ourselves and nobody else ever showed up. Kind of a private viewing so to speak. We are not talking about some midnight movie, this was at 9:00, and while it was nice to have my pick of seats, sitting in an empty theater is a little strange. Makes the mind wander and it crossed my mind that since we were the only ones there, that perhaps the projectionist would pause the movie for us if a bathroom break was needed?

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