Sunday, June 10, 2001

The Yard Sale

If you want to meet your neighbors, have a yard sale.

That is just what we did at my house this weekend, we had a yard sale. All the folks who live on our street wandered down to see what kind of junk we were trying to sell. Whole families, dogs and all showed up to poke through the strange collection of stuff piled on our yard. If everybody that came had bought something it would have been a great success, but unfortunately they did not. After all was said and done, much remained for me to carry back into the basement or shed. 

The sale was not a total loss as we did sell a car to a young couple three houses down and several of the larger items did sell. Yes I know most folks don't sell cars at a yard sale but I had a Oldsmobile that I had purchased as a backup vehicle several years ago and I no longer have a use for it. So I thought I would park it out front with a sign in the window and see if anyone expressed interest. Sure enough it was one of the first things to sell. It is however hard to bargain for top dollar when a very young couple walk up to your house pushing a baby carriage with two little ones inside and another youngster hiding behind mom while holding a small dog. They needed a car and I had an extra, you know how this works out don't you. They got a car cheap and I got more space in my driveway. All things considered, a fair trade. 

So I'm tired and sore from dragging stuff from my basement to the front yard and back again, a little sunburned and few dollars richer. The guy who bought my old speakers is blasting music loud enough to hear several houses away, my old car is parked down the street and somewhere someone is trying to figure out why that beanbag smells funny. So how was your weekend?

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  1. Poor new bean bag